Author Topic: Looking to join? Please Read.  (Read 1727 times)

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Looking to join? Please Read.
« on: December 03, 2008, 11:26:17 PM »
Age requirements - must be 16 or older.
Why you ask? That is the age requirement for gaming leagues, or in other words its the age restriction that the Leagues/LAN(s) have.
If you are under 16 and still would like to hang around, feel free to, jump on Team Speak and  chat with the other players.

What we need from you...
1) Your Name / Gaming Name
2) Games your playing - types ie. First Person Shooters, MMO, etc..
3) A little info about yourself

Thank you for your interest in TcS!!

Get to know the members that are currently in TcS.  We do not accept people without knowing them first.  Post on the forums and talk to us on xfire.  Ultimately it is upto you to put forth the effort to get into TcS.

yes.  Exactly, you cant get into TcS unless you talk to us.  I bet that everyone thinks you have to be good to play with us, you do not have to be good to play.  You just have to be a social person and over 16.  Infamous and I are the least mature in here but we are serious when it is needed.  We can not let you in if we do not know you.  Just saying 'hi' on x fire is not going to get you much of anything.  Jump on TS, if you do not like TS we have a VENT also.  BE SOCIAL!!