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Water cooling for Dummies
« on: December 12, 2006, 10:48:09 AM »
Quote from: casualty

I've never used any water cooling before and don't know where to start. I dont' know if they are case specific, cpu specific, etc..

I have a ThermalTake Tsunami case, ASRock 939 Dual-Sata Mobo and AMD Ahtlon dual core 4200.

I looked at the BigWater735 from Thermaltake and have seen posts by people refering to "home made water cooling" but it's all jargon to me

Appreciate if the l337 PC gurus from this board could give me some insights, pointers on how to start, or just plain recommend a ready-made system

Budgetting 100-150 USD. THanks.

Quote from: «TcS»Kamikaze®

Shark should be able to help you out, he is liquid cooled(he used to be, I don't know about now) me, I'm just air cooled now. A case that is pre-made is going to cost over $300.00. You might want to start with a kit.

some links/buy...

I've bought from these guys before...

Quote from: «TcS»Shark®

Swiftech makes some really good kits for around $150 - $300 depending on how many parts you are cooling. 

Here is where I got my kits from over the last couple years.

the prices are not too bad.  But sometimes they are sole out of the good stuff.  I would check ebay and pricewatch for some good prices.  Depending on what kit you go with, I could probably walk you through setting it all up.

*Most important note:* Make sure the hoses are all the way in the blocks or reservoir.  I lost a 200GB HD (and all my data) and  $50 DVD Burner cause I thought the hoses were all the way in the blocks.  Once you think they are in.. keep pushing for a  couple more minutes  ;)

Quote from: «TcS»MightyMouse

I personally like cases for watercooling. I've build 3 different systems using one of their cases, and never have had a problem. It's a pretty user friendly setup, and it's all built inside the case, so none of that shit hanging outside of it.

Here's a forum post with pictures of my current setup, gives you an idea of how it would look:

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if you haven't run across this site, this site has helped me out tremendous...
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